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How to Challenge Gifted Child in School? Teaching Smart Kids!

Gifted and talented children are a delight to parent and to teach. Challenges crop up, however, when these bright children quickly finish school work and eagerly look for the next challenge.

Get an inside view of how a real teacher struggles to find solutions to this situation. See how Darleen Claire shared some insight and suggestions to keep gifted and talented learners challenged and engaged while still in the regular classroom.

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Check out this Question and Answer session from!

Gifted & Talented Learner


Looking for more support? Check out this awesome book about raising gifted children!

Dr. Barbara Klein shares down to Earth info for parents of children who are gifted and talented. These exceptional children require special guidance and encouragement as their challenges are just a bit different from other children.

When you purchase this book through the Amazon link below, a portion of the proceeds will benefit The Orchard Human Services, Inc., a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that created specialized programs and training to support families of children who are gifted and talented.

Darleen Claire is our moderator. A Parenting Expert, she holds a Masters degree in Exceptional Student Education and specializations in Clinical Mental Health Counseling and Brain-Based Strategies to promote healthy living, relationships, and development.