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Human Super Power of Attachment and RAD Parent Training

RAD Parent Training

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and for licensed mental health professionals …

Human Super Power of Attachment

To promote Self-Regulation, Socioemotional Development, Positive Behavior & Mental Health

Human Super Power of Attachment

6 Core Continuing Education Hours       LPCA-GA APPROVAL #:  8839-0420M


6 Core CE Hrs – Online Synchronous Delivery for  $129

Licensed Professional Counselor Assoc GA APPROVAL #8839-0420M

Mental Health Professionals – LPC, LAPC, LCSW, LMSW, LMFT, AMFT

2020 Training Dates:

9am-5pm – Sat May 9 – Online Due to Coronavirus Restrictions

9am-5pm – Sat Jun , 2020 – Online Due to Coronavirus Restrictions

9am-5pm – Sat Sep 12 – College Park [Or Online Due to Coronavirus]

9am-5pm – Sat Nov 7 – College Park [Or Online Due to Coronavirus]

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Program Highlights

Learn powerful therapeutic, developmental, and intervention strategies to promote learning, growth, and development of children impacted by complex or co-occurring disorders related to:

  • History of Trauma, Abuse, or Neglect
  • Interruption of Parent-Child Bonding
  • Loss of Parent or Change in Primary Placement
  • Involvement in CPS [Child Protective Services]
  • Adoptive or Foster Placement
  • Reactive Attachment Disorder [RAD]
  • Disinhibited Social Engagement Disorder [DSED]
  • EBD – Emotional or Behavioral Disorder
  • Developmental Disorder

Also included in the training are strategies to address children who also exhibit signs of some of the following challenges:

  • Neurodevelopmental Disorder
  • Neuro-Atypicality
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder or ASD
  • Sensory Processing Disorder

Program Description

Leverage the Human Super Power of Attachment to promote broad learning, growth and development of children and youth with complex and co-occurring disorders of Behavior, Development, Learning, and Mental Health. Potentize treatment & intervention for children with history of Trauma, Abuse, Neglect; Emotional & Behavioral Disorder [EBD]; Attachment Disorder [RAD, DSED]; Attention & Focus issues; Dissociative Tendencies, DID; and/or Learning Problems. Explore Brain-Based Strategies that Evoke a Neuroplastic Response to support learning, regulation, & normalization of behavior and cognition. Case Studies explore children who overcame complex & co-occurring diagnoses through this comprehensive and evidence-based approach. Taken from National Peer-Reviewed Presentations from the National Youth at Risk Conference and the Council for Exceptional Children [CEC] as well as the Georgia Association for the Education of Young Children. The parent version of this training is approved by DFCS for Continuing Education credit for parents involved in Foster Care and Adoption.

Learning Objectives:

  • Increase Therapist Insight, Skill, Resources to help fragile children and youth overcome complex and co-occurring disorders of learning, behavior, development, mental health, attachment.
  • Identify At-Home and In-Session Brain-Based and Sensory-Loaded Strategies and Interventions to Evoke a Positive Neuroplastic Response of the Infant, Toddler, Child or Youth.
  • Develop Potent Therapist Framework to Collaborate, Train & Support Parents; Educators & Administrators [including IEP & Section 504 Planning]; and Human Services, Medical & Mental Health Professionals.

Program Developer and Presenter:

Darleen Claire Wodzenski, MS ESE, MA CMHC, QPPE, PhD, LPC, NCC
is the Director of Programs and Administration for Orchard Human Services, Inc. She is a certified teacher trainer through Georgia Bright from the Start; holds current credentials as a Special Education and Early Childhood Teacher; and an NCC Board Certified Licensed Professional Counselor. Dr. Darleen offers direct services around the Metro Atlanta and Columbus areas including Marietta, Atlanta, Alpharetta, Milton, and College Park.

Director of Program Development and Administration for Orchard Human Services, Inc. is Dr. Darleen Claire Wodzenski, a Licensed Professional Counselor, Exceptional Student/Special Educator, and Developmental Interventionist whose life’s work has been working with children with disordered attachment development. Her doctoral program focused on a Universal Design for Intervention for Children and Youth with Complex and Co-Occurring Disorders of Development, Learning, Behavior, Attachment, and Mental Health … with a focus on habilitating children and youth with aberrant behavior resulting from early trauma, abuse, or neglect along with interruption of primary parent-child bonding.

An adjunct faculty member at Nova Southeastern University’s Fischler College of Education and Criminal Justice, Dr. Darleen has presented components of this training at national and state conferences including the National Youth at Risk Conference, Council for Exceptional Children [CEC], and Georgia Association for the Education of Young Children [GAEYC]. A parent version of this training is approved for continuing education of foster and adoptive parents working with DFACS.

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6 Core Hours – LPCA-GA APPROVAL #  8839-0420M

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Training is approved by the Licensed Professional Counselor Association of Georgia for 6 Core Continuing Education Hours. APPROVAL #:  8839-0420M