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Hope for Healing Attachment Disorder

Hope is finally here for families of children with attachment disorder. Whether Reactive Attachment Disorder RAD or Disinhibited Social Engagement Disorder DSED, Orchard Human Services is making great progress with developmentally focused interventions. Dr. Darleen Claire Wodzenski designed an Attachment-Focused Developmental Framework that allows parents and children to catch up on lost development or set right development that went awry. Children with Attachment Disorder typically faced some overwhelming circumstances during infancy or early childhood that substantially interfered with the child’s ability to bond with caregivers and develop brain structures to support socialization, compassion, empathy, and ethics.

Parents and caregivers of children with disordered attachment are invited to participate in an online conversation at Facebook to address the serious challenges … and explore solutions. Dr. Darleen Claire has been working with children of disordered attachment for almost thirty years, bringing a diverse background in Special Education, Child Development, Clinical Mental Health, and Psychology. Orchard’s program involves modifications to typical Child Therapy to create specific RAD Therapy strategies to address mental health, developmental, and behavior issues. The results have been promising, with some children showing remarkable improvement in the first weeks and months.

Click on the link to join the new Orchard Attachment Disorder Facebook group. Or visit Amazon to purchase some of Orchard’s books on development, mental health, and education.

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