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The Orchard Human Services, Inc. is sponsored by The Orchard Human Services, Inc., a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that serves children, families, and adults. Books, curriculum, training and educational materials offered for sale through this site go to benefit The Orchard Human Services, Inc. 

This site is moderated by Dr. Darleen Claire Wodzenski, a Clinical Mental Health Counselor with National Board Certification [NCC]; author and speaker, providing direct services to children and families as well as training and development for parents, educators, and helping professionals. Dr. Darleen Claire’s specializations include brain-based and attachment-oriented strategies for children with complex or co-occurring challenges of development, learning, behavior, and mental health. The information presented here is designed to increase awareness of developmentally appropriate parenting strategies for children of all ages; and to provide access to effective counseling, intervention, advocacy, and therapy to address each child’s unique needs. 

Darleen Claire of

Darleen Claire Wodzenski, MS ESE, MA CMHC, QPPE, DD, PhD Psychology


If you have any question or concerns, please remember that your child’s Pediatrician, the local Health Department, and your school district’s Office of Exceptional Student/Special Education are excellent resources. Please check with your local experts to address specific questions pertaining to your child.

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Dr. Darleen’s background combines special education with psychology and clinical mental health counseling. A Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Special Educator, her psychology background is in the non-clinical area of Psychoneuroeducational foundations of child learning, growth, and development. Dr. Darleen also encourages parent educators to join her in gaining credentials to ensure that parents receive ethical, evidence-based training; her QPPE is a Qualified Professional Parent Educator credential from NCPEN.

Dr. Darleen offers Counseling, Educational Advocacy and Intervention, and Developmental Intervention services around the Metro Atlanta area including Alpharetta, Marietta, College Park, Cumberland, and Hiram. Some of the services she provides include:

  • Clinical Mental Health Counseling
  • Attachment Development Training and Intervention
  • Autism Socialization Training
  • Special Ed Advocacy for IEP, EIP, RTI, Section 504 Planning
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Brain-Based Strategies for Learning, Development, Mental Health
  • Mindfulness, Megacognition, Attentional, and Focus Training and Intervention
  • Psychotherapy
  • Person Centered Therapy
  • Individual, Child, and Family Counseling
  • Trauma, Abuse, and Neglect Treatment and Intervention
  • Parent Training and Support
  • Teacher Training and Professional Development

Some of the areas of focus in Dr. Darleen Claire’s work include:

  • Reactive Attachment Disorder
  • Disinhibited Social Engagement Disorder
  • Dissociation
  • Autism Spectrum Disorder
  • Behavioral Problems
  • Emotional and Behavioral Disorder
  • Developmental Delay
  • Trauma, Abuse, Neglect, PTSD
  • Complex and Developmental Trauma
  • Social and Emotional Development
  • EBD [Emotional and Behavioral Disorder]
  • Attentional Challenges [ADD, ADHD]

Services are available for infants and children, youth and teens, adults, families, and groups.

Dr. Darleen Claire typically offers consultation sessions to help families and individuals find the right help for their situation. She can be reached at 770-686-0894 or

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