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Better Way to Parent for Special Needs

Super Power Parenting for Special Needs

Parenting is a hard job even on the best of days. But for parents of children with exceptionalities or special needs, parenting can be a serious challenge. Join Dr. Darleen Claire Wodzenski, PhD, LPC, NCC for two hours of exploration of brain-based, effective and evidence-based strategies for parenting fragile and special needs children. The training is being presented through a partnership between Orchard Human Services, Inc. and Cam an Madi’s Promise [C.A.M.P.].

Visit Cam and Madi’s Promise Facebook page to register. Or go directly to Zoom to register and sign up for the course. The course will address parenting children with intellectual disabilities, medical frailties, Autism spectrum disorders or neuroatypicalities, Attachment Disorder including RAD, and children dealing with learning, behavioral, or mental health challenges.

Dr. Darleen is an Author and National Speaker as well as Clinical Mental Health Counselor and Special Education Consultant with Orchard Human Services, Inc. Orchard providess Clinical Mental Health Counseling services for children of all ages as well as Developmental Intervention and Special Education Consultation and Collaboration.

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