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Games Like Scrabble Can Increase IQ

Games Like Scrabble Can Increase Intelligence!

Scrabble to Increase IQGames are powerful learning tools that give children the opportunity to explore social skills, taking turns, and emotional self-regulation. Games like Scrabble with a focus on spelling can also promote your child’s academic skills. Over time, games can make permanent changes in the way your child thinks … and even raise IQ!

Playing games is an awesome way for families to help children develop social, emotional, and cognitive skills!




One of the reasons games promote learning and intelligence is that so much of the child’s brain is involved in the play. Games require that players attend to rules, take turns, and follow instructions. That is even before the game gets started. Then children must learn to control their temper when they are losing and avoid bragging when they are winning. Games place a huge demand on the child’s cognitive and social systems.

At the same time, games are also fun. Research has proven that the ability to learn is increased when children are happy. Being in a good mood with a positive mindset opens up learning possibilities that just do not always happen in school. Children are often stressed by the pressure of school. Learning is forced and children must keep up or fall behind. Playing games is the exact opposite. Children play because they want to. They are able to exert a much effort as they desire, and bad moves will not result in a bad grade. For all these reasons, children are more mentally at ease and open to learning while engaged in game playing.

When games also involve academic content, then the learning from games can be through the roof! Scrabble is a great way to help children improve spelling skills. Other games may focus on logic, reasoning, vocabulary, or art work. The learning that takes place during game time is blended with happy memories and rich social interaction with family and friends. So the next time you are planning a Friday night family activity, consider pulling out the board games! Your children will be glad you did!


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This article was submitted by Parenting Expert Darleen Claire Wodzenski

Darleen Claire specializes in Attachment Focused Parenting & Intervention; Effective Parenting Strategies; Academic Support for Students with Exceptionalities (Gifted & Talented and Special Needs); and Making Families Work (including traditional, single parent, nontraditional, and homeschool families).