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Raising Social Children – New Ebook from Darleen Claire

The Orchard Human Services, Inc. has finally published Darleen Claire Wodzenski’s new book to help parents of young children promote healthy social development. The book includes a handy checklist and guide to help parents get and keep their children on track for healthy socialization.

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Parents will learn how to spot socialization challenges in early childhood, how to have their child properly evaluated, and where to find help. Plus, effective strategies that parents can do at home to promote better social skills of young children … no matter the child’s level of social development.;

The book discusses social developmental problems and some simple ways to create better outcomes. Autism, social development delay, and other problems are discussed.

All proceeds from the purchase of this ebook go to support the programs of The Orchard Human Services, Inc., a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization and our sponsor.

The author and illustrator, Darleen Claire Wodzenski, is a Clinical Mental Health Counselor, parent and teacher trainer, and special education teacher. Read more at

You can purchase the 30 page book from The Orchard Human Service’s site for $11.99.